A Continual Conversation

It seems so often that the hustle and bustle of this world takes so much away from the one person who deserves all of the time we have.  Starting and ending the day with God should not be our goal in life.  As Christians, we must strive for more.

When we start our days, too often we say a quick morning prayer and head out the door with our coffee and breakfast in hand.  Often times our prayer is less of a commitment to communicate with God, and more of another mark off our check list.  Similarly, the end of the day we get lazy and neglect our time with God.  We promise Him, we’ll pray in the morning, or we fall asleep mid-conversation.

The purpose of prayer is to be a continual conversation throughout the day.  This doesn’t have to be as if you’re texting Him and you feel like all you’re receiving is that dot, dot, dot with no response.  It’s actually so much simpler than this.  Taking time to reflect on His word, building other people up, sincerely ask how they are doing, even doing hobbies and activities you enjoy are all ways to communicate to God.  Completing these tasks out of the love of Christ, allows the conversation to be continual.

I’ve always heard that the key to every relationship is communication, and I’ve found this to be true with my own earthly relationships.  And you know, it is so much easier to keep in contact with God than it is with people.  He doesn’t have a phone number to remember, you never have to fear that you’re catching Him at a bad time, He doesn’t get tired of hearing your struggles because He already knows them.  It’s at this point that He wants you to talk to Him because He is a good, good father whose loves you far beyond anything an earthly person does.

God wants to have a talk with you.  He is eagerly anticipating the moment when you decide to start the conversation.  He’s been a “call waiting” for quite some time now.  It’s up to you to decide when to run to His side and begin walking down the path arm in arm with Him having the best continual conversation of your life.

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