Wedding Bells and Little Red Tractors

One month ago today was the most beautiful day of my life.  It was the day I got married to the one whom God intended for me, Seth.  Our love story began over four years ago, and since then it’s blossomed into a beautifully-broken relationship.  I call it that because in no way is it perfect, but as man and wife we do what we can to follow God’s will who blesses us every single day as a married couple.

Our wedding was near perfect.  The flowers were beautiful, we had live music that was incredible, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, our cake even looked like a tree (one of Seth’s favorite things)! Although one important person was missing.  My grandfather.

Pap went home to be with the Lord on the morning of our wedding. This is something that is still fresh on my heart, and it’s something I often have pop into my mind when I least expect it.  The thing is, if Pap approved of anyone for me it would be Seth.

I’ve always loved watching the relationship between Seth and my pap.  Seth would tell me about how he’d go to visit him in the evenings, or how they’d go out to breakfast together.  Throughout their conversations their talking would always turn back to farming or agriculture.  This, of course, would then start the great debate. Red versus Green.

It had been an ongoing battle of Red versus Green tractors during family events.  It all started when Seth insisted that John Deere tractors were better than International tractors.  This led to my pap deciding to decorate the dinner table with his Red International tractors.  Which, of course, led to Seth bringing his own Green tractors to set at his spot at the table.  You can imagine how the battle continued.

My favorite part of the wedding, besides marrying my best friend, is that when I walked up the aisle to him, I noticed his boutonniere had a small piece of Red ribbon tied around it.  Then when we got to the reception, placed on the head table was a Red tractor that was given to us by Seth’s cousin to honor the life of my Pap.

These small things, which may have been seemingly meaningless to our guests, meant the absolute world to me.  While I miss Pap, I find peace in knowing that he was reunited with the love of his life on the day that I got married to mine.  More importantly, he was reunited with the Father, who loves us all and covers our hearts in times of sorrow and joy.

Allie (2)


9 thoughts on “Wedding Bells and Little Red Tractors”

  1. this is great I got you off the community pool. I ditto the above comment. great to be here. i love your walk of faith u share it we need to hear it. that is what my blog is about also. 🙂 I love your theme and layout. blessings happy blogging.


  2. Allie, I love this! My husband and I also had tractors on our wedding and actually left the church on his green tractor. The surprise for him was the red tractor cake topper waiting for him at our reception 🙂 I look forward to reading more from you, I really feel like I can relate to what you have to say!


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