10 Date Nights (That Are Cheap)

Seth and I have been in a relationship for over four years now, and for a majority of that time we weren’t bringing in a ton of income.  I mean, we were just college students.  We were a long distance couple for a majority of those years, and so it was important for us to spend time on the weekends with family.  We also had a fun time going on dates together, however we didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  Here are ten of the date nights we frequently did together, and adventures along with them, which didn’t break the bank!

1  Go on nature walks.
Seth and my first date was four-wheeler ride/nature walk in his “backyard”.  He has huge fields and a wooded area behind his house that were quite beautiful.  That was the date that started everything, and since then we’ve had many walks back there.  In fact, he even proposed to me back there while going on a walk to pick raspberries.  Our love for the outdoors is something that has really brought us together as a couple.

2 Feed ducks at a local pond.
My love for animals is somewhat ridiculous.  So Seth helps me fuel that ridiculousness by taking me to ponds to feed ducks.  It’s a wonderful date because it allows you to take a nice stroll while trying to provide food for small ducks.  However, this food usually is swallowed up by bigger ducks and fish first. You can rest easy though, because I do my part and vouch for the small ducks and make sure they get their fair share of food.

3 Kayak or bike ride at a state park.
This is the only date that may require some money.  If you don’t have a kayak or know someone with a kayak you may have to rent one.  Although, the views you see on the lake will be worth the money. This is a similar scenario if you don’t have a bike.  These are some of my favorite dates with Seth, because they allow us to be a little competitive in racing each other to the nearest landmark while enjoying some of the prettiest views.

4 Go to a parade or be in one.
Something fun to do in the summer is to go to a parade together.  If you’re from a small town you’ll probably see some old classmates, and you might even score some candy.  If you’re lucky enough to know someone with a tractor, you might end up in a parade.  Fortunately, Seth is one of those people.  We have been in quite a few parades together.

5 Have a movie night at home or at the cheap theatre.
Seth and I don’t watch a ton of movies together, but it is a good date night if you’d like to save some money.  You can do this at home by watching something online, or you can go to the cheap theatre and see something too!  When Seth learned I’d never seen the movie Babe, he didn’t hesitate to put it right in the VHS player, and I am honored to say that I showed him Star Wars for the first time.

6 Go stargazing.
Usually stargazing happens when you make the plans to go stargazing.  For us, it happens when we go spotlighting together and he looks for deer and I will be looking at the sky.  There’s just something so pretty about those tiny, little lights.  Plus, you’ll see some pretty awesome constellations. I always have to show Seth where the big and little dippers are, and he always has to show me the location of Orion.

7 Go bowling together.
This one is great, because you can easily do with your significant other, or turn it into a double date!  I usually think bowling will be a fun idea, until we get there and I remembered how terrible I am at it.  It doesn’t help that Seth and I are decently competitive when we are together.  Even Wii bowling has gotten us pretty riled up.  But at the end of the day, we still love each other and no one gets hurt.

8 Find a local pizzeria with the greasiest pizza you can find.
If you know me at all, you know I LOVE Best Way Pizza.  Seth and I frequently go there for date night because he knows I can’t get enough of the disgustingly greasy pizza.  We even have our own booth there!  On one occasion we walked in and someone was in our spot. After he left, I made Seth move our pizza and drinks to our spot because I believe that booth is pure magic.

9 Carve/paint pumpkins.
Carving pumpkins has always been fun to me, although I never know what to carve.  Seth is much better at it than I am, although he won’t carve the insides of his out because he doesn’t like pumpkin.  After I do this for him, he always makes the most incredible sculptures while I stick to super basic pictures.  Regardless, I love it because it always puts me in the fall spirit!

10 Find a hobby you both enjoy doing.
One of my favorite things I’ve gotten the chance to do with Seth is make maple syrup with him.  He’s been making it for a while now, and when we started dating I got drug into the production line.  Since then, I’ve actually found it enjoyable to sit with Seth and watch sap boil down for hours.  We even themed our whole wedding around the sticky stuff!


Well, there you have it! Ten date nights that won’t break the bank! Hopefully, you have found some inspiration here, or maybe you just laughed at our strange relationship.  Regardless, I wouldn’t want to go on dates with any other man than Seth.
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