To The Nostalgic Heart

Recently, my heart has been looking for guidance as to where I’m supposed to be in life.  I’m recently married and really excited about this adventure which has already taught me so much about the relationship I have with Seth. In fact, since we got married we’ve only continued to draw nearer to God’s plan for us as a couple.  The place where I’m currently lost is what I’m to be doing as far as a career. My heart and mind are being pulled in a thousand different directions lately.  So, naturally instead of trying to figure my current situation out, my mind wanders to my life from the past at Penn State Altoona.

While some of this roaming is good, I realize that it can potentially harmful as well.  For the last week, the only song I’ve had in my head is Oceans by Hillsong United. This song brings back an absolute, well ocean, of memories for me.  It seems like every emotional night of Salt, or school day I was stressed with work, or commute to school that I felt lonely, this song would somehow be played or pop into my head reminding me of how God’s mercy is continuously crashing over me.

While this doesn’t seem terrible, to think about how much of a lifeline these words were for me at more reflective times, it sometimes leads me to be ungrateful for the life I have in this moment. I get lost wishing I were back in college when life seemed simpler, and I didn’t have to worry about so many adult responsibilities.  I wish I were back at Port Sky working in the kitchen next to a whole crew of unique people.  I wish I were back in the classroom where I could be more consistent in my studying and ultimately get better grades. I wish I were at Salt on a Thursday night, listening to my friends laughing, hugging, crying, and pouring our hearts out together in worship.

And then it hits me.  My time there was precious, but it needed to end.  I needed to move on with my life.  I needed to be grateful for the apartment I was living in with the most amazing husband.  That we have new church families we’re a part of that want to be vulnerable with us.  That if those memories didn’t happen, and my time there didn’t end, we wouldn’t have the most amazing family reunions that people have ever seen.

I am so thankful for the opportunities I had at Penn State, because the memories I made there will last a lifetime.  The memories I have of that campus make my heart overflow with a love that is unlike any other kind.  The memories I have of Penn State, were all covered with God’s ocean-like love.  It’s His love that causes me to be nostalgic, and it’s His love that reminds me to be thankful of what I have right in front of me.

I want to encourage you to look around at your current situation and take every single bit of it in.  Find the beauty of it, because one day it will be a memory.  You are blessed to be in the situation you’re in, because it’s exactly where God intended for you to be.


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