A Challenge To Myself (And Maybe You)

Life has been tough. Emotionally, these last few months have been a train wreck.  I know that sounds really over-dramatic.  Regardless, I wanted to “fix it on my own” so I’ve held all of it in for far too long, and after many tear-filled nights I knew I needed to ask for help.  After opening up about it, I’ve finally realized the only person who can “fix me” is Jesus.  Honestly, I’ve known only Jesus could heal me for months, but I didn’t want to turn to Him.  I know that sounds strange, but anger can make us do stupid things.  I’ve finally buckled down and started reading my Bible again, as well as I read a book called Love Does by Bob Goff.  It was an easy read, which I needed, full of his own life stories.  With each adventure, it hits on basic truths about God’s faith, love, and mercy that I had to hear.

The book emphasizes the fact that Love doesn’t just say it’s going to do something and fail to execute, it doesn’t just hit the like button and keep on scrolling.  Love does. Love is to be an action.  His book is full of stories of traveling the world, and across the United States purely on a whim, or a series of whims, to help those he feels he’s being called to at that time.  While I don’t have the means to travel the world right now, nor do I feel I’m being called to do so, I have set myself up for a challenge this week.

This week I’m challenging myself to read scripture and I will then love by writing a letter every day to someone I feel has impacted me, or someone I feel God has put on my heart in that moment.  I want them to know why I appreciate them, I want them to know why I love them.  I’m blogging about it to keep myself accountable.  God is good, and I think He knows my healing process has to involve writing and He’s helped me find a way to do so.

I want to encourage you to join me in writing letters.  In fact, I want you to give me ideas to challenge myself next week and the week after as well.  He has a plan for these letters and I don’t think He’s asking me to write to just anyone.  I’ve already had some surprising people come to mind when praying about who to write to.  Let these people fill your heart as you go throughout your day.

It would be amazing if, together, we could come up with other ideas of doing love, and challenge ourselves to help reach out to those most in need of His grace.
God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.



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