What Is The Purpose Of My Life?

Seth and I have been attending a church since we got married called Hershey Free Church.  Through a few groups, we’ve had the opportunity to meet some really wonderful people who have encouraged us as a newlywed couple, soon to be parents, and individuals.  One of the groups we’ve been blessed by is a group called 18.24.

This summer, we’ve met with this group on Tuesday nights, focusing on the theme What is the purpose of my life?.  We’ve talked about this by listening to people share their powerful testimonies of how they’ve come to faith.  Most of them center around brokenness, questioning faith, and insecurities.  However, all of these stories end in the message that the purpose of one’s life is to seek a relationship and bring others to God.  Where we are in our journeys makes how we bring that message and who we bring it to differ from those who might be sitting next to us.

So how do we do this?  How do we know what the specific purpose of our life is?  Obviously, our stories are not all the same, so we can’t just listen to one story and know what we’re meant to do for the Kingdom.  Instead, we must seek the heart of God in the situations He places us in throughout our daily lives.  Whether we’re in the work field, unemployed, students, recent graduates, work-at-home moms/dads, grandparents, or newly retired we all have places in our lives where God is saying, “Reach out to this person and love them with the love I have for you.  Love them with the love I used to heal your brokenness.”

Currently, the purpose of my life is to be a work-at-home mom. It’s exciting, scary, worrisome, rewarding, and on occasion, it’s completely breathtaking.  To know that God has chosen me as a mom and Seth as a dad for this little boy is incredible.  Aside from the weight gain, sometimes I forget I’m even pregnant.  It seems just when it escapes my mind, I’ll start to feel the rhythmic twitches of Benjamin’s tiny hiccups.  It’s like God’s way of reminding me that I have this little person He has chosen for a special purpose, who already loves us and is excited to meet his daddy and momma in a few weeks!

During this time, it feels like I’m doing so much reading online of “How to do this” and “How to do that” to be the “perfect” mother to Benjamin.  The reality is the Bible gives me everything I need in order to know how to be a Godly mother him.  It also tells me how to be a Godly wife to Seth in a time of transition, possible stress, and a whole lot of excitement.  Not only do I feel called to be there for my family, but I feel called to support other moms emotionally, as well as younger girls who are struggling with their identities in Christ.  I say this because though I feel called to do a lot for God, I know it’s only through His guidance and timing that these things will fall into place.

You were made for a very specific purpose designed by the Ultimate Creator.  Through scripture, prayer, and support from your Church family, you can find the purpose of your life.  Look for those places where God is saying, “Love them with the love I have for you.  Love them with the love I used to heal your brokenness.”


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