Childlike Faith

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children,
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

I’ve been a Christian all my life, but it took me having a child to understand what this verse meant.  Growing up, I guess I always just thought it didn’t apply to me.  It was just one of those things that seemed “outdated” or just useless because I was a “good enough” Christian.  It wasn’t until having Benjamin that I realized how important this verse is to everyone.

This verse tells us we must become like little children.  Well, what does this mean to those of us who are grown? It’s telling us to have childlike faith.

This essentially calls us to do two things.  First, it calls us to have complete faith in our Father.  Second, it calls us to be willing to learn from those with more experience.

Benjamin trusts me.  He has complete faith in me.  There isn’t a doubt in his mind I won’t be there for him when he’s in a tough spot.  This makes sense considering I am always there when he really needs me.  He never gets up in the morning and doubts that I will provide for him.

This trust is what we need to have with God.  We are His sons and His daughters.  So why is it so hard to keep that kind of faith? The answer is that we’re human, and as humans, we grow up learning we need to question motives.  We need to rely on ourselves for our happiness.  We don’t need to trust.  We don’t need to have faith.

These are all lies.

Thankfully, we have merciful, patient God. He is a God who calls us to a complete life with Him.  Scripture tells us over and over just how faith in Him will lead to rewarding and fulfilled life.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with reading my Bible.  Not that I don’t want to read it, it’s just that I run into parts that I have a lot of questions on.  I just want to learn more and the most I can! I’ve been getting most of my answers by doing research online (done with caution) which is extremely helpful and I don’t know how people did it before my man, Google.  In the last few years of my life, I’d been getting that help through college, and through my church down in Hershey.  To be honest, I’ve just been lacking that lately.

One of the groups I miss most from Hershey is my mom’s connect group.  I liked getting to hear mom advice, as well as just get a mental break from being a stay-at-home momma.  These ladies had all been there and done that, or they were going through that season of their life at the same time as me.  It was so fun to talk stories, bounce ideas off each other, and just do life together!  I loved getting to study scripture together as well as learn from guest speakers.  I really hope to find a group of ladies like this again soon.

You probably know already or have come to the conclusion that having childlike faith is challenging.  I completely agree.  I struggle with having complete faith daily.  I even struggle with being willing to learn sometimes.  Everything comes back to the fact that God is patient.  He wants a relationship with us and He’ll wait for us.  I will encourage you to take that step today.  The sooner you take the leap, the sooner the most beautiful and rewarding relationship of your life will be created.


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