My Date With Jesus

I went on a date with Jesus today.

Like most dates, it didn’t go exactly how I thought it would.  I think it went even better!

We began our date with a trip to Dairy Queen for a Five Buck Lunch, because why wouldn’t you take Jesus to DQ?  I got chicken fingers, I suspect He would have gotten the double cheeseburger.  He just seems like that kinda guy.


At the table next to me was a mom and her two kids (a boy approximately aged seven and a girl aged five) who were extremely well behaved.  During their meal, mom had to get up to get something and while she was gone, her kids were so well behaved, talked politely to each other, and seemed to be enjoying their lunch together.

I’m sure they aren’t always like this, but it was a lovely experience watching siblings build each other up at such a young age.  Another pleasant surprise was how engaged mom was with her kids throughout the meal.  She wasn’t on her phone while they ate, they actually enjoyed a meal together!  What a reminder of how I want to be invested in Benjamin.

I jumped in the car started listening to K-Love, waiting for Jesus to tell me where we were heading next.  If you’ve never heard of this radio station, it is a Christian station that often tells positive and encouraging stories to it’s listeners. One story today was about this couple who were 16 and 18 when they got married.  She had just cooked him breakfast and was finishing up the dishes when she asked him what he was going to do that day.  He said, “Well, I think I’m gonna go down to the courthouse and get married.” To which she replied, “If you let me dry my hands, I think I’ll join you.” They’ve been married ever since!  This just brought me so much joy!

I was prompted to go to Barnes & Noble.  I spent a long time here, probably over an hour looking for a devotional.  While here I ran into a college friend of mine, Megan Parrish! She introduced me to her friend, Lexi.  We caught up and talked about devotionals and Bibles.  I helped Megan find a book, and then Megan and I were involved in the best part of the day.

We helped Lexi find a Bible! She just casually mentions that she came to follow Jesus just this past summer! I was so honored to be able to help her find a new Bible and loved hearing a part of her testimony to coming to Christ!  One of the things that stuck out most about her story, is that a church leader told her she had to know everything and believe everything the Bible says before she could really call herself a follower of Jesus.

I have been a part of the church since I was in the womb and I still don’t know everything about Jesus!  It takes a lifetime of learning.  You don’t just know the whole gospel in a day and you can make the decision right now to follow Jesus! I’m so happy I got to catch up with my dear friend, Megan! I’m beyond happy I got to meet a new friend and sister in Christ, Lexi!

After purchasing my devotional, I decided on “Flourish” by Margaret Feinberg, I sat in my car thinking of where to go next.  It only took a minute before thinking about going to Chimney Rocks.  I’d never gone before, and I thought why not? This spur of the moment decision made me feel very much like Megan Anderson.


As I was on my way, I got lost which isn’t surprising at all.  Thinking back, this is actually pretty sad because it was ridiculously easy to get to.  Anyways, while I was sitting in a random Hollidaysburg parking lot, all I could think was, “I was supposed to get lost. Either God kept me from something harmful or He wants me to see something awesome!”

After finally getting to my destination, I went to the lookout which was incredible.  I soon found a table under some trees.  I sat down and read part of Luke, as well as part of my new devotional.  This was lovely until I started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.  I gathered up my belongings and walked down the path to look for somewhere else to sit and that’s when it happens.

Y’all, a whole wedding party showed up for pictures!  I got to witness a beautiful bride take pictures with her new hubby and all their closest friends on the happiest day of their life! I wondered if she was drying dishes this morning and he suggested they go to the courthouse.  I doubt it! The joy on their faces took me back two years, to when I got married to the love of my life, Seth!

I decided I should probably head home when I noticed that there was an upper lookout to Chimney Rocks.  Which is apparently where everyone really takes pictures when they go there.

Did I wear the right shoes for it? Heck no! Did I do it anyway? Heck yeah!
Was it worth it? Absolutely! Is my body gonna regret this tomorrow? Most likely!

It was beautiful! Not just the view, but the hike!  As I climbed this hill, I just kept looking around at all the little details that God had created for us to see.  The flowers, leaves, even a woolly worm!  It was amazing to see just how much time He took in designing the earth.  All I could think was if He took that much time to design those flowers, trees, and rocks, don’t you think He took so much more time to design you?

I think Jesus showed me how beautiful we are as people of God.

He showed me that there is beauty in parent-to-child relationships, in friendships, in marriage.  It’s all designed by Him for His glory! He also showed me the beauty of the earth, in all His little details.  Lastly, He showed me the beauty of saying “Yes!” If He hadn’t constantly been nudging me of where to go today, I’d have missed out on some really incredible moments!

I encourage you to go on a date with Jesus.  Let Him tell you what you’re doing for the day, and don’t be afraid to say, “Yes!” to the new and exciting! You never know what He’ll teach you along the way! Let me know how your date goes!


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  1. I love following the Spirit’s leading like that! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could perfect doing that every day? We would have some wonderful experiences even sandwiched between the mundane!
    Have you ever done the Bible study by Henry and Richard Blackaby called “Experiencing God”? That’s where I first heard of this concept. I’ve loved practicing this! I need to get back to doing this more.

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    1. I have never heard of that book, but I’ll definitely be checking it out! Thank you for the suggestion! I definitely want to keep it up, even though I have a very busy lifestyle, I still deserve alone time with Jesus!

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  2. T. R. Noble says:

    I have extremely bad driving anxiety, and when my husband was stationed in South Korea for a year, I was in the states living in our apartment by myself, certain things needed to be done, and I had to drive. One thing was as simple as getting the oil changed and I had mapped out every possible fear. I prayed taking a shower, I prayed and praised Him through music, I prayed with shaking hands just driving a simple straight stretch to the auto place. And I prayed with thankfulness as I made it. There was an Arby’s right beside the area, and I decided to go there with God when I was done. Quiet moments with Him are important. Inviting Him to join us in our daily routine is needed. Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Now I have to know what Jesus ordered at Arby’s! But seriously, His presence is so comforting. It’s amazing to know that He’s with us even in something such as driving to get our oil changed. I’m glad He blessed you with safe travels that day, and I pray He releases you from the anxieties that come along with the idea of driving. I also pray for safety for your husband, wherever the Lord may take him, He’s always present with him! Also, I’ve never heard of Air1! I’ll have to check it out online! 🙂

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      1. T. R. Noble says:

        My husband completed his term for the Airforce last force last year so we moved back to our home state and currently he is getting his degree. ❤ I think it is wonderful how Christ understands our fears. How it may not seen like a big deal to others but for us it us and He understands completely where we are coming from. Thank you so much for your prayers!!! 🙂

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  3. T. R. Noble says:

    OH! I forgot to mention! If people do not have K-Love for their radion stations, not every place does, K-Love & Air1 (both Christian stations) you can listen to online for free!


  4. I’ve never been on an official date with Jesus, so I’ll have to set aside some time soon to get away from the kids and try it!


    1. I love this!!! He’s going to do amazing things for you on that date, I promise! And please let me know how it goes!! ♥️

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