Perfect, Intentional Timing

Seth and I are extremely blessed when it comes to Benjamin’s sleeping schedule.  He’s slept the whole night through pretty much since he was two months old.  Only on occasion has he been up throughout the night and, even then, it wasn’t for long.

Last night, however, he was up until midnight and after finally getting him to sleep, he woke again at 5:00 AM.  After an hour and a half, he finally fell asleep in my arms in the recliner downstairs.  We both slept until 10:30, which is something I hadn’t done since college.

All day my perception of time has been so off.  Currently, it’s a little after 4:00 PM but it feels like about 10:00 AM to me.  I often find that situations in my life overlap, intertwine, and relate to one another.  Last night, at a faith-sharing group, we talked about the timing of God.  I won’t go into detail about what was talked about to respect the privacy of others.  But since then, I’ve been thinking about the perfect, intentional timing of God in relation to His disciples, His ministry, and today’s time.

Often times within the ministry of Jesus, timing played a key role in His decision-making process and how He wanted His ministry to be laid out.  Time determined the people He’d encounter, the parables He’d tell, and the lessons He’d teach.  Often, after He’d finish speaking or providing for someone, He’d tell them not to tell anyone of His actions.  This confused His disciples, for wasn’t the purpose of a ministry, especially this ministry, to be spread? There is importance to Jesus spoken instruction.

Jesus knew that only at the right time, people would understand what His actions and teachings truly meant.  Telling others of the miracles made people focus too much on His healing powers of the physical body, not of the soul, which took away from His ministry.  The teachings and parables He told even confused the disciples, so He made them wait to tell them to others because He knew they lacked the gift He intended to give them after his suffering, death, and resurrection: the Holy Spirit.

Often times we stress the importance of God the Father and Jesus the Son, but we leave out the significance of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is essential in our faith walk because it gives us the ability to understand the complete picture of God.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we understand why He does everything He does, but we understand that He has control of the complete timeline of eternity.

We receive this gift when we are baptized.  As born again, followers of Jesus, we need to allow the Holy Spirit to truly transform our hearts and allow it to correct and direct us back to a relationship with God every day.  It helps guide us through the trials and triumphs of life and helps us interpret those situations in a godly way, with a Heaven-mindset, as I like to call it.  This is also why we can understand what the teachings and parables of Jesus are talking about in scripture!

Without the Holy Spirit, we’d never have the ability to allow our hearts to be willing to accept the will of God, even if it’s not necessarily what we want.  The Holy Spirit gives us counseling and comfort.  It helps us and intercedes for us.  It gives us the power to be a witness for Christ in a world that constantly turns it’s back on Him.

The Holy Spirit will keep your eyes fixed on your reward in Heaven and remaining in Him will help you grow to appreciate the perfect, intentional timing of God.


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