Getting Back Into Scripture

There’s something so exciting about being on fire for God! You can feel it all over, in your emotions, your relationships, maybe even the world just seems a little brighter.  I often get this warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart!

Here’s the thing.  You’re deep into a relationship and in scripture, then a wall hits.  You skip a day of reading, and it’s no big deal.  That turns into two days, then three, then weeks.  Soon there’s dust collecting on the word you once were so invested in.

This is something that can happen to anyone, and often we feel that nag of “I need to get back into it” but how do you start? These are some tips I have for getting back into the word of God right now!

The biggest question I’ve been asked lately is where to start.

First and foremost you should always pray before you read scripture.
If you’re not sure how to do so, here is a suggestion!

  • Holy Spirit,
    I ask that you enter this room, fill it with your presence.  As I read these words, give me discernment and convict me to rid myself of the things that limit me from growing closer to You.  I thank You for the opportunity to have access to the Word of which you breathed life into.  In Your name, I pray, Amen.

Where To Begin Reading
Now that you’ve prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit, it’s time to jump into the word.  These are a few of my favorite places to start after time out of the Word.

  • Psalms
    The Psalms are David’s collection of writings to the Lord.  David speaks openly of his frustrations, trials, and temptations.  Through these difficult times, David is consistently praising God for always delivering him from the things of this world that, to a normal person, might lead them astray from their Creator.  David’s boldness to come before the Lord is a great encouragement to me to trust my life into the same God!
  • Proverbs
    Known for its snippets of wisdom, the 31 chapters are perfect for nearly every month of the year! This book can help us answer all of life’s toughest questions.  Emphasized within these pages of scripture is the importance of striving to obtain godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  This is not to say our goal is to know everything God does to become equal to Him, but our goal is to learn to love the timing and will of God, even if it sometimes isn’t what we want to happen in our lives.
  • Letters of Paul to the Church
    Thirteen of the books in the New Testament are ascribed by Paul to some of the churches of which he helped establish.  Within these letters, Paul addresses and thanks the churches for their efforts in helping self-sustain their establishment.  He then addresses issues he’s heard about within the church, gives advice about Christian living, and emphasizes teachings of Jesus.  Lastly, he gives a final blessing to the church.
    These letters can be used by us to help keep ourselves in check with how the original church was intended to be run.  In today’s time, we like to pull certain parts of the church out that we may not like or agree with when in reality Jesus gives us a clear vision statement in which Paul enforces throughout the churches he’s set up.
  • The life of Jesus
    The life of Jesus is found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, otherwise known as the Gospels.  Each of these books emphasized different aspects of the life of Jesus.  One might focus more on His actions, another His words.  One might focus on His life as a teen, on His adult life, or on His ministry.  Though different, they each give us a vivid picture of the man who came to earth to fulfill a prophecy.  The entirety of His life and ministry brought Him to the point of having to die on the cross for everyone’s sins but His own.
    This man, who was without sin, would have died on the cross even if you were the only person on earth.  He wants a relationship with you, so a great place to start in the Bible is by learning about the One who gives the Bible its importance.
  • Pick a man or woman who you might relate to and read about their life!
    I came up with this idea after going through a Moms Connect Group in which were assigned tables based off a woman in the Bible.  If someone is mentioned in the Bible, it’s obviously significant to the entirety of the redemption story, much like how your story is important to the story of God.  Here are some men and women, who you might relate to, who were used despite their imperfections and circumstances by God.

    • Women of the Bible
      • Esther – Faced the possibility of death for being Jewish: Saves her people from an unjust death
      • Ruth – Leaves everything she knows to help her mother-in-law: Is within the lineage of Jesus
      • Mary – Faced the judgment of others for her pregnancy: Becomes the mother of Jesus
    • Men of the Bible
      • Moses – Had anger issues and murders an Egyptian: Frees the Israelites
      • Abraham – Doubted the timing of God: Gave him a son and generations to come would be the nation of Israel
      • Saul/Paul – Persecuted the Christian faith: Founds many churches and becomes a great servant of Christ

Get Creative!
I hope those starting points help you get back into the Word!  The reality is that while it’s important to read scripture, it’s crucial that the things you read stick with you.  Simply put, you need to find a way to help these spiritual lessons resonate through you every day of life.  Your goal should be to live a life more like Jesus!

  • Journal
    I love writing! Your journal can be as organized, structured, messy, crazy as you want! You just need to write however helps you remember what you’ve just read.  If you looked at mine, you’d probably have no idea what any of it means, but I understand and that’s what’s important!
  • Paint/Draw
    I get writing isn’t everyone’s “thing”.  Painting nor drawing are most definitely not my “things”. But I appreciate great artwork when I see it, and if quiet time with all the colors and an empty canvas is what you need to connect to your creative God, then go for it! And send my pictures when you’re done!
  • Color
    I can’t draw or paint, but there is something soothing to me about mindless coloring.  While doing it, I’ll sing, pray, and worship God for giving me this day and this moment to be able to spend time getting to know Him better.
  • Go outside
    God created this beautiful world, so go out and enjoy it! With the seasons changing, there’s a ton of amazing color changing happening right now. I’m hoping to get to a state park or hiking trail a few more times before it gets too cold! Nature is a great way to connect the scripture you’re reading with the One who ascribed both!
  • Get creative! (Déjà  vu, right?)
    Seriously, do whatever you need to do to connect with God.  He wants a relationship with you! That starts with praying, digging into scripture, and keeping His commandments stored in your heart!

If you have any other suggestions on how to get back into the word, comment them below! I’m always looking for new ways to get more out of my reading!  And if you were looking for a sign to get back into scripture, this was it!


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