Spiritual Running Shoes

As Seth and I sat at our kitchen table, talking about a faith study we’re a part of, we began discussing what our individual relationships with Jesus looked like.

Seth began describing how he felt his relationship with God looked.

“Sometimes, I see myself running and when I connect with Jesus I begin to take flight.  After a short amount of time, I come back down again, but I don’t ever want to touch the ground.  I want to keep getting higher and higher until I’m flying high with Him.”

I chimed in, “I’m glad to hear that you want to keep going and that once you come back down you don’t want to stop.  That’s what most people do. I also like that you want to run with Jesus, not walk.”

I was taken back to a preacher I once heard, who spoke on why we shouldn’t walk with Jesus, we should run with Him!

When I walk just about anywhere, I easily get distracted by the things around me.  Sometimes this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I can see the things that God created and the beauty of the earth, but too often I get caught up in the things that separate me from the love of God.

I think one of satan’s favorite tools used to separate us from God is distraction, but that’s a blog for another day.

Rather than walk with Jesus, I want to sprint with Him.

When Olympic sprinters get into their blocks, they have one goal in mind: Get to the finish as fast as possible.

This isn’t to say, I want to rush through this world and get straight to Heaven.  I’m purposely placed here on earth!  What’s important here is the focus the sprinter has on the end goal.

So what’s my goal?  My goal is to complete what He’s called all of us to do!

We are all called to live a life that reflects the love of Jesus so that others will want to have a relationship with Him too!

This looks different for everyone!  Everyone has different vocations, spiritual gifts, and passions that were given to them by God to be used to glorify Him!  The problem is that satan does not want us to lead others to God’s love.  He prevents the spread of His love by using one of his favorite tools: fear.

We fear the rejection, judgment, and opinions of others more than we value the fact that God wants to radically change our lives and the lives of those around us.

To run with Jesus keeps my eyes focused on the love found in a relationship with Jesus, rather than the fears and doubts of satan coming from the sidelines.

I encourage you to buy a good pair of spiritual running shoes, cause Jesus is ready to run the race of life with you.


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