Still His Beloved

How have you seen God move in your life recently?

The last few months He’s spoken to me with such a voice of clarity.  It’s been beautiful, convicting, and challenging.  He’s called me out, broke me down, and built me back up again.  

Then two weeks ago, I hit a wall.  I had huge spiritual plans for November.  So far, I have failed at every single thing I had planned to do.  Out of frustration with myself, I shut down completely.  

I haven’t read scripture.  I haven’t prayed consistently.  I haven’t been checking in on my husband.  I haven’t caught up with some people that God has placed in my life.  I have no idea what our preacher’s sermon was about on Sunday.  

On all accounts, I should be known as a total failure.  But God doesn’t see me as that.

I’m still His beloved.

Within the last few weeks, I’ve had so many small, unexpected encounters, through which He’s blessed me tremendously.

At church on Sunday, a friend offered to hold Benjamin while I took care of hanging up our coats and bags because I happened to be alone.  Usually, Ben doesn’t do strangers well but He didn’t even fuss. 
Bonus: When I took Ben to the nursery, I set him down and he walked right away from me.  He didn’t even look back!

While at the grocery store, the man behind me made silly faces with Benjamin and was extremely patient as I attempted to juggle all the groceries and switch Ben from cart to cart (Aldi’s shoppers will understand) all while trying to pay.

One day, He moved me to tears through the song Let There Be Light by Hillsong Worship.  I highly suggest reading, listening to, and singing the lyrics of this song, it’s such a beautiful testament to His character.

God is present. Right here, right now.  Even on the days I give Him none of my time, He reminds me that He has love specifically designed to pour over me 

God’s been on the move in my life, and I’m sure He’s been moving in yours too.  Open your eyes to the gifts He wants to give you in the smallest, maybe seemingly insignificant, moments of your day.

I’d love to hear how you’ve seen God move in your life recently.  Whether that be in the big or small.  Feel free to share below how He’s blessed you, or how He’s reminded you that your His beloved.


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