Our God-Given Home

This story begins three years ago, as I was preparing to marry Seth and move down east, our future house was placed on the market. After some time, the homeowners took it down, because it wasn’t selling at their asking price. God knew that it wasn’t meant for anyone but our little family of three.

Flash forward to a little over a year ago, when Seth and I were blessed by a job opportunity that would move our small family of three back to the Cove. We settled into a small townhouse, of which we were so grateful for. Our neighbors were kind and helpful, and we were ten and fifteen minutes from our parents’ homes. It’s been so amazing for Benny to have so much time with family and we love the memories we’re making!

We were truly blessed and I felt comfortable where we were placed.

Then God spoke to me last November. He told me the name of a child, one who I think we’re going to have in our lives. This is not a pregnancy announcement, nor are we trying at this moment to have another child. But as Benjamin soon turns two, I want him to have siblings. And I have the call in my heart for more sweet babies.

After He spoke to me, I went through a very dry desert season spiritually. I didn’t feel like I was hearing Him at all and I didn’t know what it all meant. He’d just given me a glimpse into our future, and then He seemed to just vanish. Our God is constant though, and He was present through that dry season just as much as the rainy season of blessings in which we’d soon enter.

Around Christmas, Seth and I believed it was time to start house hunting and decided we’d start the search in the new year. This was a scary choice because I knew we had some pretty specific needs and wants in a house. The house buying process to us was one of which required complete trust in God.

God’s timing is perfect. And within two weeks of starting to look, the homeowners placed their home back on the market. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love. In my heart, I knew that this was the house in which Seth and I would grow our family and where we’d grow old together.

Seth and I have always loved the idea of fixing up a home together, and this little beauty placed between our parents’ home places was exactly what we were looking for.

It had room for growth, a yard for Benny, and a garage that is bigger than the house itself! Something Seth had been dreaming of having, but told me months ago that he’d be willing to give up if needed. God truly listened to the desire of Seth’s heart! It’s in the school district we wanted, it has the antique charm we’ve always been drawn to, corner cabinets for my teacup collection, and so much potential for every room to be adjusted to our family’s needs!

There are countless other reasons in which this house appeared to be the answer to our prayers, now and over the years. I was convinced it was ours and we put an offer in.

After a week and a half of waiting, our offer was rejected.

I was heartbroken. I knew something wasn’t right. Recently, my prayers have been that God would give us “hard yeses” and “hard nos” when it came to our family decisions. In this situation, there wasn’t a solid no, for we knew why they rejected the offer. After talking it over, we switched up how we’d be purchasing the home, and it was accepted!

We still weren’t quite out of the water, for it needed to be appraised at the right price in order for us to be able to afford it. There were also numerous tests and inspections that needed to be done.

On February 20, my birthday, we got the call that the appraisal had come in above what we offered to pay for it. This essentially meant, the home was ours! Best birthday present ever! A few days later, we received great news on the testing that was done, and our inspection was done over the weekend (even though the guy was booked to the end of March, God blessed us by putting a willingness in that man’s heart to do it that weekend!)

Like everything in our lives, we always seem to have something negative happen right before a really great thing. I call it the storm before the calm.

Right before our wedding, Seth got Bell’s Palsy.
About a month or two before Ben’s birth, Seth knocked his teeth out.
I had to have my gallbladder removed less than two weeks before moving our life from Lebanon to Martinsburg.

So what’s the storm before the calm this time?
Well, Benjamin tested positive for an allergy to peanuts. Which doesn’t seem as bad as the things mentioned above, but it’s just a huge bummer for our favorite little man. We are extremely grateful and recognize that Benny’s health has been so good for his whole life, and we can’t wait to make memories with him in our new home (minus peanut butter sandwiches)!

While these situations were difficult, we look back and see how God blessed us through the storms in ways we can only praise him for now!

Seth and I truly believe that God chose this home for us. We’re so honored and blessed that He loves us enough that He knew just what we needed and even threw in so many things that we wanted too. We look forward to seeing how He wants us to use this home to bring glory to His Kingdom!


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  1. Clapper Christy says:

    Congratulations on your new home! You are so right, Allie, it’s the people, not the structure, that make a home. May you have a multitude of blessings in your new house. So…what do you guys need in your new home? We would like to come visit!


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