Our God-Given Home

This story begins three years ago, as I was preparing to marry Seth and move down east, our future house was placed on the market. After some time, the homeowners took it down, because it wasn't selling at their asking price. God knew that it wasn't meant for anyone but our little family of three.… Continue reading Our God-Given Home


Spiritual Running Shoes

As Seth and I sat at our kitchen table, talking about a faith study we're a part of, we began discussing what our individual relationships with Jesus looked like. Seth began describing how he felt his relationship with God looked. "Sometimes, I see myself running and when I connect with Jesus I begin to take… Continue reading Spiritual Running Shoes


My Date With Jesus

I went on a date with Jesus today. Like most dates, it didn't go exactly how I thought it would.  I think it went even better! We began our date with a trip to Dairy Queen for a Five Buck Lunch, because why wouldn't you take Jesus to DQ?  I got chicken fingers, I suspect… Continue reading My Date With Jesus