Welcome to my blog!

This is my story of growing daily with Jesus at the core of my heart, as well as my adventures and experiences as a wife and momma!

This blog is for those wanting to accept the messiest parts of their lives and begin a new relationship with Jesus! My story is just as broken, sinful, and shame-filled, I promise.

Though we are those things, we aren’t called to live as lost people.  We have this beautiful thing called hope through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Found among my semi-organized hodgepodge of posts you can read about my families’ adventures through life, my faith in Jesus, songs that have special meaning to me, and my thoughts as a wife and momma of two!  

Thank you for diving into this adventure-filled life with me.  I hope you find something that makes you feel a little at home here!  I write as often as I can, so please subscribe in order to get the latest updates and posts!

Let’s rediscover Jesus together.